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  • Chengli RXR-YM60000D Fire Fighting Robot

    1. Name: Fire Fighting Robot

    2. Model: RXR-YM60000D

    3. Style: ATM self walking

    4. Size: 2860×1485×2100mm

    5. Sparying Distance: 60 meters

    • Specifications

    Chengli Fire fighting robot FACTORY

    Application: subways, highways, railway tunnels, underground facilities and freight yards, petrochemical refining Fire extinguishing in factories and oil depots, for toxic gas leaks, large areas of smoke and flammable and explosive things
    Therefore, on-site rescue, camera monitoring, dangerous goods cleaning and moving are carried out when the personnel are not easily accessible. Removal of obstacles or obstacles, etc.

    CHINA Fire fighting robot

    Second, the function & introduction
    Fault diagnosis: real-time online monitoring of the working status of the smoke extinguishing vehicle, such as smoke exhausting device,
    Host, wireless communication, camera and other working conditions, find faults and timely alarm, and take the initiative,Take security measures.

    Image acquisition: 1080P HD image low-latency backhaul, real-time playback of live images, image streaming smooth. Provide clear images for the rescue site command so that the commanders can make correct and reasonableThe rescue plan can transmit up to 200m.

    PTZ control: The camera can control the horizontal and vertical angles in the horizontal range of 0~360°.Vertical 0~180° range, camera focusing, zooming in, zooming out, etc.Depending on the function.

    Spray mechanism control: can realize the control of vertical angle motion of fog gun, water cannon and foam gun, verticalThe angle is 0~45°, which can control a variety of water spray modes (flowering, DC).

    Clearing function: the hydraulic obstacle can be used to clean the obstacles on the road at the explosion site;At the disaster relief site, sand and soil were built to create flame retardant belts.

    Alternate oil source: external hydraulic components can be driven by a spare port provided by the hydraulic system
    Implement emergency rescue operations, such as driving drainage pumps, hydraulic rescue tools, hydraulic jacking
    Mobile hydraulic rescue equipment such as equipment and hydraulic exhaust fan)

    Lighting and warning system: The rescue scene can be provided through the lights set at the front of the equipment.The lighting work required.

    YM60 Chengli Fire fighting robot

    Third, the chassis overview
    1. Form: ATV hydraulic self-propelled
    2. Engine: joint venture brand engine
    3, cooling system: maintenance-free cooling system
    4, control mode: wireless control and emergency manual
    5, driving speed: 0-3Km / h (infinitely variable speed)
    6, climbing ability: 30 °
    7, ground clearance: 190mm
    8, the external dimensions: 2860 × 1485 × 2100mm
    9, remote control battery life: built-in battery 4H
    10, the ability to tow water: 200m

    Chengli Fire fighting robot YM60

    IV. Overview of smoke exhaust fire extinguishing devices
    (1) Remote water cannon (Φ80X1/DN65X1 internal button interface, flow rate under 5~10 bar pressure
    0~80L/S automatic adjustment, range ≥70m, DC, flowering is converted by wireless remote control)
    (2) Foam gun (Φ80X1/DN65X1 internal button interface, under 5~8 bar pressure, foam
    Mixed liquid rated flow 60L / S, range ≥ 50m)
    (3) Water spray gun (inductor Φ65 inner button interface, 720mm muzzle, 216 water mist on the inside) Nozzle, under 10~16bar pressure, range ≈40m, flow rate 400L/min),
    (4) Smoke exhauster: delivery (row) air volume: ≥ 60,000 cubic meters / hour
    (5) Spray angle: vertical spray angle 0~45°
    (6) Automatic sprinkler: 4 spray nozzles on the left and right sides of the body to protect themselves all.

    Chengli Fire fighting robot

    V. Overview of the control system
    1. Support one-way image one-way transmission, 200m transmission distance;
    2, support one way digital transmission, two-way, 200m transmission distance;
    3. The communication between the robot and the handheld control device has high real-time performance;
    4. Support the simultaneous control of motion control of the PTZ camera, main unit, water cannon, etc.;
    5. The whole system is easy to install, convenient for debugging and maintenance;
    6, the equipment is equipped with emergency operating handles to ensure the practicality of rescue operations.

    Sixth, optional configuration:
    1 1 , Special transport vehicle: The smoke evacuation vehicle can be transported to the vehicle quickly and smoothly through the transport carrier.
    At the rescue site, there is a universal fixing device on the car, which is convenient for loading and unloading, safe and efficient;
    Can be used to transport other relief supplies, practical and fast.
    2 2, audio output: : control fire alarm sound output
    3 3, autonomous obstacle avoidance: : Automatically identify the obstacle distance, timely return to the control end, by the control personnel
    Make control judgments, or you can make evasive actions on your own.
    4 4、Hydraulic drainage pump: It can be used for underground squatting areas such as underground garages, underground shopping malls and tunnels.
    Quickly remove stagnant water, featuring high flow and high lift;

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