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Chengli Automobile Group resumes work and production


Headline: A letter from Cheng Li Automobile Group to its full-scale resumption of production and resumption of production and Cheng Alu’s general manager to the employees-the capital of China’s special automobile industry presses the fast-forward key of economic and social development to release the strong momentum of the special automobile and emergency industry.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

Yangchun March 16, in Hubei, China, there is a long silent, ancient and young city of modern industrial manufacturing, the capital of China’s special automobile Suizhou, like a lion waking up from sleep, to the market and the Chinese with a new look and charm. An invitation letter was issued, and the heroic people of Suizhou made a huge sacrifice at the critical moment of the epidemic. The decisive phase victory for the prevention and control of the epidemic was achieved, and the country was able to accurately control the epidemic prevention and control. A solid foundation has been laid to ensure people’s livelihood.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

On the morning of the resumption of work on the morning of March 16th, the front of Building No. 8 of Chengli Headquarters was full of traffic, and restored the prosperity of the past.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

Chengli Group’s special automobile building welcomed most of Chengli’s employees under the reflection of Asaka.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

In front of Cheng Li’s sales building plaza, cadres and workers who had resumed work and production were parked.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

At the morning meeting, the employees of Chengli Company were full of spirits.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

Before going to work, Chengli’s front-line employees cheered in unison, facing the rising sun: We are at work.
On this day, as the nation’s largest special-purpose automobile manufacturer Chengli Automobile Group, while ensuring effective and accurate continued control of the epidemic situation, it ushered in a commendable situation of comprehensive resumption of production and production.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

Every vehicle entering the new plant must be spray-sterilized.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

A large number of coaches are neatly arranged and ready for installation.
On this day, all Cheng Liren cheered for joy and released the enthusiasm that they expected to resume work and production at an early date.
For the early arrival of this day, Cheng Liren paid too much sacrifice, too much contribution, diligence and hardship.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

Cheng Li’s negative pressure ambulance production workshop is busy and orderly.

At the beginning of the outbreak, Chengli took the lead in donating 1 million on the first day of the first month. The first organization organized dozens of epidemic prevention teams to rush to the front line of epidemic prevention and disinfection regardless of personal safety, and the first to Suizhou. The large-scale donations of medical institutions and community citizens in the city to prevent and control the epidemic situation urgently needed more than 60 tons of materials. The first organization during the epidemic period was to organize more than 200 front-line employees to eat and live in the factory workshop and rush to build 170 negative pressure ambulances and medical waste The transfer vehicle, Chi aided to win the epidemic defense battle, the tackling and resistance battle, and the overall battle in Hubei and even the whole country.

Chengli restart work after the Coronavirus

On this day, Cheng Liren sounded his horn of fighting with his brand-new and vigorous spirit, especially the front-line party members, the red flag team and the craftsman special technical elite, carried forward the spirit of mastering one who is not afraid of hardships and not tired. Speed is required for management, and the fierce labor scene is touching and admirable.
To this day, during the outbreak, Chengli Company used the Chengli Business School’s online online teaching platform to process more than 10,000 employees of the Chengli Automobile Group and employees of the Suizhou Special Automobile Industry from February 18 to March 8. For 20 consecutive days, it has carried out 106 special topics on special vehicle and emergency product knowledge, technology and marketing, and advanced vocational skills in new media. It has participated in more than 20,000 person-times of training, which has accumulated a strong accumulation for the resumption of the development of Suizhou special automobile and emergency industry. Kinetic energy.

business factory after the Coronavirus

Resumption of work and production is everyone ’s biggest wish, and order cars are overwhelmed.
At the same time, the general manager Cheng Aluo also issued a call to everyone. In the first quarter of this year, although more than two months have passed, we must be firm in our goals and tasks. We have the confidence and determination to overcome difficulties. Through the joint efforts of all Chengli family members, as long as we are committed to achieving the goal, we will certainly achieve the output value of 7 billion yuan this year, and we have the ability to complete and achieve this goal.
Cheng Chengli, come on! Suizhou, come on!

Attachment: A letter from Cheng Lilu, general manager of Chengli Automobile Group to employees

Dear Colleagues, Cheng Li:
Hello everyone!
The annual Spring Festival is supposed to be a time to celebrate the family reunion, but this year, a sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia broke the peace of the past. Like the people across the country, we Chengli people have experienced panic and suffering, practiced prevention and control, blocked each other, and spent more than 50 extraordinary days and nights.
Looking back at the past month or so, Cheng Li, as a leading automobile company in Suizhou, has taken on an important role in the epidemic, and the more difficult it is, the more forward it is. The group established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, and established a coordinating and coordinating mechanism. The chairman and general manager made emergency deployments. The professional factories, directly-affiliated factories, group member factories, and government agencies responded positively with a determined attitude and strong actions. Cheng Li donated money to the Red Cross Society of Suizhou City for the first time, and arranged three special cars to buy alcohol and disinfectant in Shandong, and distributed them to hospitals, streets and communities for free. Ambulances, epidemic prevention and disinfection vehicles, and medical waste transfer vehicles were raced to deliver to the disaster area; when the spray truck of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital malfunctioned, the company immediately dispatched maintenance personnel to solve the problem on the spot; there were also a large number of employee volunteers in Xiaojia for everyone. First-line spray disinfection for epidemic prevention and silent dedication. Cheng Liren used his actual actions to explain the feelings of family and the same robe with his son, and showed the great love spirit of “difficult for one party and support from eight parties”.
Here, on behalf of the group company, please allow me to extend my sincere regards and high respects to the brave and daring Cheng Liren! Heartfelt thanks to your family, relatives and friends who support you!
The epidemic resistance has reached today, and the overall victory has been set. If the first half of the anti-epidemic effort is to fully guard against epidemics and protect people’s safety, then the second half is to let the economy play a leading role, to ensure economic development, employment, and social stability, and all of this is ultimately to protect the enterprise. As far as Cheng Li is concerned, Stable development is the highest pursuit, and the smooth return to work and production as soon as possible is the only way out for our development.
It is now March, and the first quarter will soon be over. The epidemic prevention and control has reached the most strenuous stage, and the production and operation tasks of the group will also be more arduous. We must spare no effort to carry out our mission, with more firm confidence, more tenacious fighting spirit, and more decisive measures, and under the premise of prevention and control of the epidemic, scientifically and orderly resume work and production, and strive to complete the 70 Billion annual goals and tasks.
After careful consideration, the group decided to resume work and production on March 16. Below, I put forward four opinions on coordinating and advancing epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production:
First, strictly adhere to the bottom line and do a good job of epidemic prevention and control
After the resumption of work, the top and bottom of the group must continue to grasp the top priority of epidemic prevention and control, and always keep a clear head. Every unit is the main body of the prevention and control work without exception. Each process is a part of the prevention and control work without luck. One employee is the object of prevention and control work and has no immunity. The company has purchased materials such as masks, alcohol, thermometers, and disinfection equipment. Employees must wear masks, wash their hands frequently, do not gather, do not eat, and do according to the requirements of the “Working Regulations for the Prevention and Control of Enterprise Resumption and Reproduction”. Good self-protection, timely reporting of symptoms of discomfort, the company is a strong backing for everyone. It is necessary to strengthen the management of internal personnel, resolutely implement “external defense import, internal defense proliferation”, and make every effort to ensure that there is no problem in the prevention and control of the epidemic. To truly care for employees, the allocation of various materials must be tilted to the grassroots to meet epidemic prevention requirements.
Effective and orderly resumption of work and production
From now on, every second-level unit of a group company must set its business goals, turn pressure into a driving force, and take proactive actions as challenges. Opportunities are listed against the “Decomposition Table of Major Business Goals and Key Tasks of the Year.” Time limits, compacting responsibilities, ensuring implementation one by one and achieving results one by one, minimizing the impact of the epidemic on the goals and tasks throughout the year. While completing key special tasks on time, we must pay special attention to improving product quality and service quality, achieve high standards and strict requirements, and further highlight Cheng Li’s responsibility and image. In the coming period, the Group will pay special attention to the “return rate of enterprises, employee arrival rate, and recovery rate of production capacity”, and follow-up assessments to ensure the completion of the annual target set by the group.
3. Innovate marketing methods in line with the situation
Sales are the lifeblood of an enterprise and the core of its operation. At the pre-holiday group annual meeting, the company put forward a new idea of ​​building a sales network with multiple models in parallel, with “channels as king, wolves fighting one tiger” as its core, and multiple models in parallel. The sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia shows that the intelligent society has broken through the constraints of time and space and can effectively improve the efficiency of operations and services. This has further strengthened our determination to innovate sales methods and promote online and offline integrated marketing. At present, we are holding online sales training and recruiting sales staff. The next step is to consolidate traditional sales and encourage business staff to use vibrato, beautiful shots, small coffee shows, quick hands, volcano videos and other forms to explore new markets and introduce New customers, even the development of overseas distributors and the expansion of overseas agent sales models, in order to optimize and increase the number of sales segments and sales teams, and steadily improve Chengli’s ability to respond to market changes in anti-risk capabilities, and achieve sales promotion.
Strengthen management to promote high-quality development
The outbreak of new crown pneumonia has given us the opportunity to concentrate on our strengths, develop against the trend, and distance us from competition. Through self-examination, Cheng Li needs to further strengthen internal strength and improve the level of refined management of the enterprise. The first is that the business strategy should be transformed from extensive to intensive, from eating big pots of rice to refined costing assessment, and all of them should be built into a “profit center” system, all around the two indicators of “operating output value” and “operating profit”. Value-oriented professional manager compensation system. Secondly, resolutely make up for the shortcomings in safety production. During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, some factories existed because of the incompleteness of the reworkers, overtime and schedule, and the daily safety hazards were not checked and managed. It is easy for operators to ignore operating procedures, and it is very prone to production safety accidents, which must be paid great attention.
Staff friends, epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production are a “big test”. We have done a lot of hard work in the past, made tremendous efforts, achieved remarkable results, and showed the beautiful image of Cheng Li to the whole society. Meet the brave on the narrow road to win! The company hopes and believes that in the future work, everyone will be able to further strengthen the belief of victory, and effectively implement the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and work to ensure that the year-round goals and tasks are fully completed. Submit a satisfactory answer!
Plants are spreading and spring mountains are expected. Finally, I sincerely wish the employees who are struggling in various positions in the Group a smooth job, good health and happy family!




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