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8 units JAC 12 meters aerial platform truck


JAC 12 meters aerial platform truck

8 units JAC 12 meters aerial platform truck. Jac brand aerial platform truck, double row cab with 5 passengers. 12 meters working height, 2 sections fold arm, a 200kg loading bucket. Electric control, up and down operation, 360° rotation, four hydraulic legs, two arms, one ton winch, hoisting 900kg. 8 units JAC 12 meters aerial platform truck

From another view of these 8 units JAC aerial platform truck. These trucks are all for export. to middle east country under the model of CLW5060JGKH3, 142 horse power diesel engine, euro 3 or euro 5 emission standard for option.

JAC aerial platform truck supplier

These are all 12 meters aerial platform trucks, and the same under this chassis, we can do 14 meters, or the highest 16 meters 2 sections arm.

JAC aerial platform truck factory

Aerial work vehicle type:

Vertical lift type (also known as scissor type) aerial work vehicle, folding arm type lift aerial work vehicle, self-propelled aerial work platform, telescopic boom type aerial work vehicle. Among them, the vertical lifting type working bucket has a large bearing capacity, but the working height is limited, the mobility is poor, and the flexibility is not flexible. At present, the folding arm lifting type aerial working vehicle is widely used in China.

JAC aerial platform truck manufacturer

Dongfeng 14m aerial work vehicle special function description:

1. The boom and the legs are made of low-alloy Q345 profiles, without welds around, beautiful appearance, strong force and high strength;
2, H-type legs have good stability, the legs can be operated at the same time or separately, the operation is flexible, and can adapt to a variety of working conditions;
3. The slewing mechanism adopts adjustable type for easy adjustment;
4. The two-way 360° rotation of the turntable adopts the advanced worm-worm speed reduction mechanism. (With self-lubricating and self-locking functions), the later maintenance can also easily achieve the effect by adjusting the bolt position;
5. The on-board operation adopts integrated electric control valve block mode, which has beautiful layout, stable operation and convenient maintenance;
6. Get off and lock on the car, safe and reliable operation;
7, the car operation through the throttle valve to achieve stepless speed regulation;
8. The hanging basket is mechanically leveled by an external lever, which is more stable and reliable;
9. The turntable and the hanging basket are equipped with start and extinguish switches, which are convenient to operate and save fuel;

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