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6 units dongfeng food truck for military department


total green food supply vehicle

Recently, special military vehicles for logistics support for military products of Cheng Li have received large orders from international buyers to go abroad to provide reliable protection for the cause of world peace.

Dongfeng catering truck
Cheng Liren, with his “craftsmanship spirit, strives for perfection,” has provided strong strategic support, logistics, and supply security for the defense of the motherland for more than ten years. The rocket trucks, large cranes, refueling vehicles, and air force fighter maintenance aerial vehicles have been produced. , Logistic support vehicles, superb quality and excellent performance.

chengli 6 units food vehicle delivery
Following the provision of multi-purpose special military vehicles for strategic logistics support in a certain military region in the country, the military departments in the Middle East, South Asia, and other countries and regions have rushed to place orders for central procurement, which has made positive contributions to safeguarding international peace and world economic development.

chengli dongfeng food catering truck

The handover ceremony was solemn and rigorous. Cheng Li made outstanding contributions to the peace and construction of the motherland.

6 units food truck supplier

As the top 500 private enterprises in China, Cheng Li Auto Group is a leading manufacturer of special-purpose automobiles and commercial vehicles in China. It is also the first model of military-civilian integration development in China. It has been working in civilian special-vehicle and emergency industries and military products for many years. R & D and product technology, manufacturing equipment, body, chassis and parts are all worthy of the industry chain, is a truly industry-leading benchmarking companies.

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