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Three compressed garbage trucks were exported to the Philippines

Three compressed garbage trucks were exported to the Philippines

Isuzu compression garbage truck export success story to the Philippines                     In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization in the Philippines, the problem of garbage disposal has become increasingly prominent. To address this challenge, a large environmental company in the Philippines decided to purchase a fleet of efficient and durable …

Isuzu 6×4 28000 Liters Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Isuzu 6×4 28000 Liters Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Product Description: The hook arm garbage truck, also known as the truck can be unloaded garbage truck, is mainly used for municipal sanitation, property management and other places to collect and carry all kinds of garbage, garbage compartment and chassis can be completely separated, with reasonable structure, simple operation, stability, high efficiency, good sealing performance, convenient dumping and other advantages, …

CLW 2500 liters Sewage Suction Tank Truck

CLW 2500 liters Sewage Suction Tank Trucks Successfully Sent to Zambia

Video of the Successful Case Information of the Truck Truck Brand: CLW Chassis; Chengli Vacuum Tanker body Model: CLW5050CLST3 Order date: 2024.03.10 Deliver Date: 2024.05.25 Quantity: 25 units Destination: Zambia Name: CLW 2500 liters Sewage Tank Truck Other Similar Callings: vacuum tanker, sewage truck, sewage vehicle, jetting truck, fecal suction truck, sewage suction truck, CLW sewage truck…… Vehicle Description On …

HOWO 4×2 Wrecker truck to Tanzania

HOWO 4×2 Wrecker truck to Tanzania

Demonstration video of the actual wrecker Introduction In February 2024, our company successfully deployed a fleet of tow trucks to assist with vehicle recovery and roadside assistance in Tanzania. This case study highlights the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the outcomes of this operation. Background Tanzania has experienced a surge in vehicle ownership in recent years, leading to an increased …

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