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Benbei 4×4 Truck with XCMG 3.2 Ton Crane

Beiben 4×4 Truck with XCMG 3.2 Ton Folding Arm Crane

Picture detail display The advantages of the Beiben 4×4 AWD chassis include: Enhanced Traction and Stability: The 4×4 all-wheel-drive system provides better traction and stability, especially on challenging terrains such as mud, snow, or uneven surfaces. Improved Off-Road Capability: With AWD, the vehicle can handle off-road conditions more effectively, making it suitable for use in rugged environments. Increased Versatility: The …

ISUZU GIGA 6×4 Sewage Sunction Truck

ISUZU GlGA 6×4 Sewage Suction Truck-20,000 Liters

Vehicle Shown of ISUZU GlGA 6×4 Sewage Suction Truck Tire model-295/80R22.5 18PR The Advantage of ISUZU Chassis The ISUZU GIGA 6×4 chassis offers significant advantages for a sewage suction truck, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty waste management tasks. Its robust construction and 6×4 drive type provide excellent stability and traction, essential for navigating challenging terrains and carrying heavy …

Isuzu 4×2 8000 Liters Compressed Garbage Truck

Isuzu 4×2 8000 Liters Compressed Garbage Truck

pictures display of the real export  compressed garbage truck  in the factory How to choosing a suitable garbage compactor truck? Here are the main factors for user to consider to ensure it meets specific needs and operational conditions. Type and Volume of Waste: Determine the type of waste to be handled (e.g., household waste, construction debris, industrial waste). Assess the …

120HP 4X2 Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu

Applications The Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu finds extensive application across various industries, including construction, electrical services, signage installation, maintenance of overhead lines, and building maintenance. Its adaptability to different work environments and ease of maneuverability make it an invaluable asset for aerial work. Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu, also called as Isuzu aerial working platform truck or Isuzu truck …

Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

Jiefang 6×4 Chassis With ZoomLion Brand Crane

Detailed picture   Introduction to the Jiefang Chassis Durability: Made with high-strength materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the Jiefang chassis offers excellent durability and reliability, suitable for various complex working environments. Powerful Performance: Equipped with high-performance engines, the Jiefang chassis provides strong power output, meeting the demands of truck-mounted cranes in different working conditions. Good Handling: The design of the …

Shacman 6x4 compactor garbage truck

Shacman 6×4 18000liters Compactor Garbage Truck

Why So Many Customers Prefer the Shacman F3000 Compactor Garbage Truck Adopt classic model and it is favored by customers for its combination of power, capacity, durability, safety, ease of maintenance, and environmental compliance. Its robust build and advanced features make it an ideal vehicle for large-scale waste management operations, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in various conditions. The 400-horsepower …

Dongfeng 6 wheels 15,000 Liters Fuel Tank Truck

Dongfeng Kinrun 6 wheels 15,000 Liters Fuel Tank Truck

Vehicle Introduction The Dongfeng Kinrun 6 Wheels 15,000 Liters Fuel Tank Truck by CHENGLI is for efficient and reliable fuel transportation. Its primary functions include transporting and dispensing fuel, with a large 15,000-liter capacity and a powerful Dongfeng Cummins engine. Ideal for industrial sites, construction projects, and fueling stations, this truck features a durable Q235 carbon steel tank, advanced safety …

Sinotruck Chemical&Acid Tank Truck

Sinotruck Chemical&Acid Tank Truck

Pictures         This chemical tank truck is built to safely and efficiently transport a variety of acidic, highly corrosive liquid products in bulk.         This includes industrial chemicals products such as Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid and other hazardous products

aerial work vehicle

Shacman L3000 25m aerial work vehicle

  Today, we are pleased to showcase the SHACMAN L3000 28-meter aerial work vehicle custom-made for our Malian customer. After traveling a great distance and visiting our factory for an inspection and comparison, they ultimately chose our company for their order. Real Photos Why customers choose SHACMAN aerial work truck? 1.Shacman’s products, especially their heavy-duty trucks, are widely popular in …

Chengli People visited the revolutionary base

Chengli People visited the revolutionary base

  On June 14, 2024, a delegation of Party members from Chengli Group visited the Eyuwan Revolutionary Base in Huanggang for an educational thematic Party Day event. This event aimed to deepen members’ understanding of revolutionary history and foster a strong sense of patriotism and duty. During the visit, the Party members explored the Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, where they …

Isuzu 4×2 6000 Liters Standard Asphalt Distribution Truck

Isuzu 4×2 6000 Liters Standard Asphalt Distribution Truck

Video promotion Equipment use and brief introduction                   Standard asphalt sprinkler is a professional sprinkling emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, hot asphalt, high viscosity modified asphalt semi-automated high-tech products. Used to build high-grade highway asphalt pavement sub-layer of permeable oil, waterproof layer, bonding layer of the sprinkler. The spreader consists of automobile chassis, …

Shacman X9 Aerial Working Truck

Shacman-X9 23m Height Aerial Working Truck with Operate Cabin

Introduction of the Vehicle Shacman-X9 23m Height Aerial Working Truck from CLW. Powered by the reliable YC4D120-33 Yuchai diesel engine, this truck delivers 120HP and meets Euro II emission standards. It designed for efficiency and performance. 23m maximum working height and a 200kg rated load on the working platform, making it ideal for construction, maintenance, and aerial operations. The truck …

Dongfeng 4x2 3m³ water tank 2.5m³ dust tank multi-functional sweeper

Dongfeng 4×2 3m³ water tank 2.5m³ dust tank multi-functional sweeper

Applications of multi-functional sweeper Urban Road Cleaning: Suitable for cleaning main roads, secondary roads, alleys, and other types of urban roads. Effectively removes dust, garbage, and sewage from road surfaces, improving cleanliness and environmental quality. Industrial Park Maintenance: Ideal for cleaning roads within industrial parks and factory areas. Enhances overall sanitation levels, creating a better environment for production and living. …

Three compressed garbage trucks were exported to the Philippines

Three compressed garbage trucks were exported to the Philippines

Isuzu compression garbage truck export success story to the Philippines                     In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization in the Philippines, the problem of garbage disposal has become increasingly prominent. To address this challenge, a large environmental company in the Philippines decided to purchase a fleet of efficient and durable …

Isuzu 6×4 28000 Liters Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Isuzu 6×4 28000 Liters Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Product Description: The hook arm garbage truck, also known as the truck can be unloaded garbage truck, is mainly used for municipal sanitation, property management and other places to collect and carry all kinds of garbage, garbage compartment and chassis can be completely separated, with reasonable structure, simple operation, stability, high efficiency, good sealing performance, convenient dumping and other advantages, …

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