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Howo 6×6 Vacuum Tank Truck

HOWO AWD 18,000L-Capacity Sewage Suction Truck

Application of HOWO AWD Sewage Sunction Truck The HOWO AWD Sewage Suction Truck, the chassis manufactured by China’s Sinotruk. The truck is a special vehicle for the efficient collection and transportation of sewage and other liquid waste. Its AWD (All-Wheel Drive) capability makes it suitable for navigating various terrains, including rugged or difficult-to-access areas, which is particularly beneficial for municipal …

Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

Sinotruk HOWO 13000 liters fuel tank truck

Specific function description Tank material: carbon steel, stainless steel, according to the need can also use aluminum alloy, pure aluminum cans, rubber lining, rotomized, plastic cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic cans. Tank type: square, oval, round Oil pump: self-priming pump, gear pump, chemical pump, stainless steel pump, centrifugal pump, heavy oil pump. Oil meter: single count, double count, tax control …

Sinotruck Howo comapctor garbage truck

Sinotruck Howo 4*2 comapctor garbage truck

Application Compressed garbage truck is an efficient and environmentally friendly garbage disposal equipment, mainly used for the collection and compression of municipal solid waste. Through advanced compression technology, the volume of garbage can be reduced, the load of garbage can be increased, and the transportation cost and garbage disposal pressure can be reduced. At the same time, the sanitation compressed …

sinotruck road sweeper truck

Sinotruck 4*2 road sweeper truck

Application of sweeper truck Sweeper truck is a special vehicle for roadway garbage sweeping. As one of the sanitation equipments, the sweeper truck has the function of saving time and labor. It is a new type of efficient sweeping equipment that integrates road sweeping, garbage recycling and transportation. It can be widely used in city streets, municipal squares and airport …

ISUZU 8000 Liters Water Tank Truck

   Vehicle Name:  ISUZU 8000 Liters Water Tank Truck Engine Model 4HK1-TC51 Engine Brand Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., LTD Fuel type Diesel Displacement (ml) / Power 5193ML/ 141kw (190HP) Emission Standard Euro V No of transmission gears 6Forward, 1 Reverse Chassis Type QL1100A8LAY Drive Type 4×2 No. of Axles 2 Cab seats 3 Max Speed(km/h) 110 Tire 8.25R20 Tire No.’s 6+1 Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 11995 Curb Weight(kg) 4680 …

Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 8ton crane

Applications of Dongfeng 4×2 truck with 8ton crane Truck-mounted lifting truck, also can be called truck-mounted crane, some places according to the custom also called car crane, self-lifting truck, etc.. It is a kind of equipment to realize the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic system, and is usually assembled on trucks. Set lifting and …

Shacman L3000 14000 liters garbage compactor truck

Garbage compactor truck also known as garbage truck,compressed garbage truck,refuse collection truck,waste collection vehicle,dirt-wagon,dust cart trash truck,dustcart,bin lorry etc.It mainly used in transporting all kinds of household waste by municipal sanitation department. Superiority of chossing Shacman L3000 chasiss good-looking:Appearance color scheme, simple atmosphere, hollow-out “SHACMAN L3000” car sticker, Shacman L3000 English logo, highlighting the brand belonging. High-Comfortable:Cab sleeper, minimize the …

Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Sewage Suction Flushing Truck

Usage of Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Sewage Suction Flushing Truck Sewage Removal: Powerful vacuum systems can suck up sewage, wastewater and other liquid waste. Transportation: The truck then transports this waste to treatment facilities or disposal sites for proper processing. Maintenance of Septic Systems: Routine maintenance of septic tanks in residential and commercial areas. Structure of Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Sewage Suction Flushing Truck Key …

ChangAn Enclosed Refrigerated Truck Cold Storage Van

Composition of ChangAn Enclosed Refrigerated Truck Cold Storage Van : The refrigerator truck is the closed van truck that is used to transport the frozen or fresh goods. This truck is made up of vehicle chassis, Polyurethane insulation van, refrigeration unit and temperature recorder. Application of ChangAn Enclosed Refrigerated Truck Cold Storage Van : It is commonly used to transport …

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