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Foton M1 fast food truck

Foton M1 fast food sales truck

Foton fast food sales truck, other name like Foton fast food truck, Foton mobile food truck, Foton cating truck, Foton mobile cating truck, Foton fast food cooking truck, … Foton fast food truck, which is made over Foton M1 light truck chassis, 2 doors with diesel engine, 4 wheels/6 wheels for choose, and we Chengli make the truck body, including …

Foton Rowor high pressure jetting cleaning truck

Foton rowor high pressure jetting & sewage truck

Foton rowor high pressure jetting & sewage truck Main introduction of Foton rowor high pressure jetting & sewage truck The cleaning and suction vehicle is a special municipal engineering vehicle developed by our company. Mainly used in rainwater wells, sedimentation wells, rivers, ditches and other operations such as sewage suction and pipeline cleaning. Main functions of Foton rowor high pressure …

Dongfeng awd water fire fighting truck

Dongfeng 4×4 8-10 tons water fire fighting truck

New Dongfeng all wheel drive water fire fighting truck, mounted 8000 liters to 10000 liters water tank and the fire truck pump. 4 wheels drive with Cummins 190 horse power engine. Left hand drive or right hand drive all are possible. This is the cost effective water fire fighting truck in the market. it is a water truck but installed …

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