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Wholesale Isuzu truck with SANY Palfinger crane SPS40000

Isuzu 6×4 3 axles truck with SANY Palfinger 16 tons crane

Main parameters of this Isuzu truck with crane: Isuzu VC61 series truck chassis with 350 HP 6UZ1-TCG51 engine, FAST 12 gearbox, Euro V emmission standard; SANY Palfinger 16 tons crane SPS 40000 model with a 7500x2500x600mm cargo box. Whole 8 units confirmed order, and 3 of them are finished as the first batch for delivery. All these 3 units are …

Shacman 10000 liters Pesticide spraying truck

Shacman 10000 liters Pesticide spraying truck to Paraguay

Shacman Pesticide spraying truck, including 10000 liters water tank + 150kw Yuchai generator + 135 meters fog cannon under the chassis Shacman 2190 model 6×6 off road truck. To Paraguay customer for the treatment of locust. This picture shows the truck finished in the assembly factory, the cab is still the green military color, and the others just make the …