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2019 Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition


2019 Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Chengli Automobile Group’s technological innovation products were unveiled at the Wuhan International Commercial Vehicles Exhibition. Mayor Guo Yonghong led a team to visit the exhibition area to inspect the Chengli network red special vehicle.

Suizhou City, the capital of China Commercial Vehicle

From November 1st to 4th, Suizhou special vehicle transformation and upgrading featured products were unveiled at the Wuhan International Exposition Exhibition Center, and dozens of special vehicles selected by 14 companies were displayed at home and abroad. What are the models of the high-quality development of the special-purpose car industry in Suizhou? Come and see it with Xiaobian!

Truck Shows in Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Among the many exhibitor models, Suizhou’s special-purpose vehicles and new products in the special emergency industry have become a beautiful landscape in the exhibition. Among them, the new products developed by Chengli Automobile Group are full of futuristic, scientific and intelligent, intelligent, Practical and fashionable, it has become an outstanding highlight of the exhibition, and numerous fans have attracted the attention of users.

Visitors coming in Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

In the front of the intelligent anti-collision vehicle of Chengli Automobile Group, foreign businessmen have repeatedly praised Chengli for adding brilliance to the craftsmanship spirit created by the great powers of China, reflecting the Chinese wisdom of industrial manufacturing. Foreign businessmen have been lingering for a long time and are reluctant to leave, and make an appointment to visit the factory to inspect and increase product orders.
Mayor Guo Yonghong encouraged entrepreneurs to rely on the advantages of the specialty steam industry to enlarge the influence of the Suizhou specialty steam brand and accelerate the pace of development of the emergency industry. It is necessary to closely match market demand and technology frontiers, develop more high value-added specialty steam products, enhance the quality and efficiency of the specialty steam industry, further polish the “special automobile capital” gold signboard, and promote the high-quality development of the specialty steam industry. It is necessary to strengthen intellectual property protection and encourage and protect technological innovation. It is necessary to take the road of differentiated development and cultivate the “single-player champion” in the market segment, which will drive the Suizhou specialty steam industry to move toward high quality and high added value.

Manager Huang in Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Different from previous special exhibitions, the Suizhou Pavilion, which was established at the Wuhan International Exposition Exhibition Center, has a larger area and stronger products. The 8,000 square meters exhibition area, Qixing, Zhongqi Chusheng, Chengli, Jiangnan, Aolong, Hongyu and other 14 Suizhou specialty steam faucets, have shown their respective transformation and upgrading representative models.
Among them, Chengli’s self-developed anti-collision buffer truck is used for high-speed road maintenance and construction. It can absorb the impact force of two tons and 120 kilometers per hour to ensure the safety of construction workers on high speed.
According to Huang Fangfang, director of Chengli Steam Special Gas Sanitation Professional Factory, enterprises should seize the opportunity of transformation and upgrading, innovate constantly, and launch the company’s distinctive products, so as to ensure the company’s competitiveness.

Leaders congratulations - Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

As the capital of China’s special-purpose vehicles, the development of Suizhou’s special steam has attracted the attention of many experts and leaders in the industry. Guo Yonghong, the mayor of Suizhou City, led the team of Wang Xia, vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Yang Lin, vice president of the Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Peng Hao, director of the Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute, Gao Guoyou, and the city. Chang Guo Yonghong and other special trips came to Chengli exhibition area to experience the experience, and the series of products exhibited by Chengli Company, such as several Jiazhen, liked it.
Below, please take a look at our vision and watch the Cheng Li Automobile Group’s eye-catching several models of the Internet Red Star.

Asphalt spreader vehicle in Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle ExhibitionChengli Heavy Industry focuses on the creation of high-end first-line brands in China. The lightweight stainless steel intelligent asphalt spreader produced by the company has been enthusiastically sought after by the users.

Dust suppression truck in Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Cheng Li ren “does not forget the initial heart, keeps in mind the mission”, actively responds to the national green sustainable development principles and policies, adheres to the business philosophy of “Green Water Qingshan, is Jinshan Yinshan”, and invests heavily in research and development of pure electric multi-functional dust suppression vehicles. It is popular in the first and second-tier cities such as Guangzhou-Shenzhen and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and its products are exported to countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

LED advertising vehicle - Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition

Chengli high-definition LED advertising vehicle, beautiful and durable fashion and handsome, occupying a solid position in the terminal market, the market holdings are far ahead of peers, products for the first time in the market for many years, is the dominant player in the advertising car market and the net red star products.

Chengli truck Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle ExhibitionThe high-speed road anti-collision vehicle introduced by Chengli Company with advanced technology and manufacturing technology from Europe and America is a benchmark-type famous model of Chengli Automobile Group’s research, production and research. It fills the gap in the domestic market, and the orders are constantly pushed to the market, detonating the subdivision. The unpopular market is highly regarded by users.


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