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2 units Howo 20000 liters water truck to Mozambique


Howo 3 axles 20000 liters water truck

2 units Howo 20000 liters water truck to Mozambique, these are recently made by Chengli company-high standard water tank factory. All together it cost 45 days from the start of chassis order from Howo company and then all tank finished and ready for delivery.

Howo 3 axles 20000 liters water truck

Mozambique, which is one of the poorest countries in africa and in the world, but now it is under the fast development.

Nowadays, there are many China trucks like dump trucks, construction machines, … such basic machinery, and also some like water trucks, fuel trucks… for services… all showing the fast development of this country. They like Chinese goods, also they like Chinese trucks, not only the cheap price, also the best quality.

Howo 3 axles 20000 liters water truck

Howo is the top quality china truck brand, which wins many and high honor in china and the world, especially the heavy duty Howo trucks, the africa people give a big Like, always once after i ask them how do you feel about China Howo trucks? They will give a BIG LIKE.  Thanks my friend, Howo water truck, the same best truck in the world.

Howo 3 axles 20000 liters water truck

This howo water truck is special designed which we say it is a right hand drive truck, and you know all chinese trucks we are using are left hand drive. It comes with a sinotruk 371 horse power diesel engine under the model WD615.96E, and 3 axles 6×4 right hand drive, with a total 25 tons loading ability. So now you can see it’s an easy job for it to take a 20 tons water tank with full water in it.

Howo 3 axles 20000 liters water truck

Fot the truck body also we say the structure, there is no different from the general water tankers, it is the basic water tank/bowser parameters: front & rear flushing, side spraying, rear platform with a high pressure spray cannon.

Basic parameters of this Howo 20000 liters water truck

Howo 15-20 tons water truck

For others you want to know like the pump, the tires, the tank steel, how to use it, who can drive it, where can i have the aftersales service…just contact us people. thanks

Also if you are the people from around countries, like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Seychelles… just contact us.

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