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  • 120HP 4X2 Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu

    Work capacity: 24 meters

    Truck model: PT5090GGK

    Engine power: 120 HP

    Engine type: Isuzu 4KH1

    Axle drive: 4x2

    Gear box: Isuzu MSB5S

    Remarks: Double cabin, A/C

    • Specifications


    The Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu finds extensive application across various industries, including construction, electrical services, signage installation, maintenance of overhead lines, and building maintenance. Its adaptability to different work environments and ease of maneuverability make it an invaluable asset for aerial work.

    Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu, also called as Isuzu aerial working platform truck or Isuzu truck mounted Hydraulic manlifer is a versatile and reliable vehicle designed for various aerial work applications. This truck features a robust boom lift system, providing access to high or hard-to-reach areas for maintenance, repairs, and other tasks. It is specifically tailored for the unique needs of businesses and industries, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


    —- ISUZU chassis ensures perfect driving performance;
    —- ISUZU engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km;
    —- Working cage can be made of steel structure or reinforced fiberglass (insulated cage);
    —- Working cage can rotate 90 degree in left and right;
    —- 4pcs outriggers and front support improve operation stability and safety;
    —- Safety Devices are available, such as relief valves, balance valves, double-way hydraulic locks, motor emergency system etc.;
    —- Wireless remote control system is available.


    ISUZU Brand telescopic platform trucks are available of 6m-8m, 8m-12m, 14m-16m, 18m, 20m-22m, 24-26m. Insulated cage is optional.



    – Height and Reach: The Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu provides excellent height and reach capabilities, allowing workers to access elevated areas efficiently and safely, thereby reducing dependence on traditional access methods.

    – Efficiency and Productivity: With quick and secure access to elevated areas, this truck enhances productivity and minimizes downtime associated with setting up scaffolding or manual access methods.

    – Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from construction and maintenance to utilities and telecommunications, this truck ensures flexibility in meeting diverse aerial work requirements.

    – Safety: The truck is equipped with various safety features like load sensors, emergency stop buttons, and fall protection systems, prioritizing worker safety and minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.



    ISUZU NPR Hydraulic Telescopic Boom lift Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform truck
    Chassis brand ISUZU Chassis Model NPR
    Overall dimensions 6400X2500X2920mm Wheel base 4500mm
    Chassis Manufacturer ISUZU
    Cab Configuration NPR Double cab,air conditioner,allowable 3 passengers.
    Color Yellow,other color is optional
    Engine Model 4KH1
    Emission Euro 5
    Rated power 120hp
    Displacement 2999ml
    Tire Size 7.00R16 Tire, With one spare tyre
    Number 6+1 nos
    Front axle 3 tons
    Rear axle 4 tons
    Transmissions MSB 5 speed transmission, 5 speed forward 1 reverse.
    Technical Parameters
    Working condition Maximum operating height 24m
    Max operating range 18.6m
    Max range at max height 11.8m
    Max height at max range 9.6m
    Rotation 360°
    Boom Type 5Sections telescopic boom
    Outrigger type Outrigger type Front V Rear H type. Controlled independently
    Outrigger span (Vertical x horizontal) Vertical 5370, 5385mm
    horizontal 4975, 5195mm
    Rear Outrigger flash lights 2pcs
    Basket Rated loading weight 220kgs
    L*W*H(mm) 1500x700x1150
    Bucket material Stainless steel fence and antiskid platform.
    Operation system Operation Electrical operation of working platform and ground remote control.
    Control system Load sensitive proportional system can realize double action synchronization and stepless speed regulation
    Power take-off system Pneumatic operation
    Leveling system Hydraulic automatic leveling


    After-sales Service

    We are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales service and support for Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu. Our dedicated team of technicians ensures regular maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance whenever required. We prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring the truck operates at optimal performance, meeting the unique demands of aerial work applications.



    – Can the truck navigate rough terrain?

    Yes, the Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu is designed to maneuver efficiently on various terrains, including rough surfaces, thanks to its sturdy build and state-of-the-art suspension system.


    – What is the maximum height the boom lift can reach?

    The maximum height the truck’s boom lift can reach depends on the specific model, but typically ranges from X meters to Y meters, accommodating most aerial work requirements.


    – Can the truck be customized with additional features or equipment?

    Yes, the truck can be tailored to specific needs and requirements, allowing for additional features and equipment installation to enhance functionality and efficiency.


    – What type of certification does the truck hold?

    The Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu complies with industry-standard safety regulations and holds necessary certifications to ensure optimal performance and adherence to safety standards.


    Upper Body Customization:

    We offer upper body customization options for Russia Aerial Lift Manlifter Trucks Isuzu, allowing customers to modify the truck’s body structure, storage compartments, and safety features based on their specific requirements, enhancing functionality and versatility.


    Truck Chassis Choice:

    The Isuzu truck chassis used for the aerial lift trucks offers various options, allowing customers to choose the most suitable chassis base, payload capacity, and performance based on their unique aerial work requirements.



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