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  • wrecker truck parts for sale from china
  • Wrecker truck body for sale from China

    1. Description: Wrecker truck body

    2. Size: Design according to your chassis

    3. OEM & ODM: YES

    4. Factory: YES

    5. Country: China

    • Specifications
    • Wrecker Truck Body Parts

    wrecker truck for sale from china

                 Wrecker truck (body) for sale from China.

    As the fast increase need of China trucks from the worldside market in recent years, many customers try to import only the truck body and then assembling it in their local factory to reduce the total cost. Cos we all know that trucks always take up a lot of space, especially for the shipping cost. And Wrecker truck body are the most seen and popular truck bought by customers. Here today, we will show why and how to import wrecker bodies.

    More and more cars running in our modern cities, any where, every now and then, you will see an accident. Then there will be a wrecker coming to tow the breakage or anchoring cars. Wrecker is nearly a must in the nowadays socierty, espcially in, modern cities. And in other places or some big trucks, if breakdown, then it must be the heavy duty tow truck, not a car wrecker can do it.

                  1. Why only import the wrecker body?

    To save and reduce the cost is the first and important reason for why they only import the truck bodies. Second, If only bodies, then they can be packed in bulk. For a 40′ container, is for wholes Wrecker trucks, it can be only loaded 2 units, but for only bodies, then it can be loaded 10 units. You can see the difference.


                 2. How to transport the wrecker body?

    For sure and known by all of us, the container is the cheapest way for shipping in the world wide business and also our trucks. Under this, first we should know the container size clearly. 20FT-5.898×2.352×2.385, and 40FT-12.032×2.352×2.385, this is the inner size, and the size of your cargo should be a little smaller than it. So then, the wrecker body’s size should be a little small, especially the wrecker board, the width must be less than 2.35 meters, and the length is no probelm. Wrecker boards, stack them together, 5 in a bunch. Other parts, categorized, and then put together separately.
    Like these, a 40′ container can load nearly 10 units wrecker bodies.

                 3.Is that easy to assembling on the local truck chassis?

    Wrecker truck is a popular truck in nowadays china market, and the technology is mature, nearly no difficult problems and easy to learn. So when order confirmed, we can do the training for your local workers. And if still there are some difficulties, we can arrange the local training in the end market factory. But first we first we need the chassis drawing and then we will offer the drawing how to install it. For the start, maybe a little and not that easy, but for the next, it’s easy.

                 4. Disadvantages for only import wrecker bodies.

    For Disadvantages we think nearly no, but just the first is it rightly to match the truck chassis. If you do detailed job with a truck chassis drawing to the design department, then the following assembling job will be easy. Or, it will be very difficult or complex we say, it may need change the position of the oil tanker or others to fit the body well.
    Ok. so much today of the advantage and disadvantages of only importing wrecker bodies. And next in the following, we will show full and detailed pictures about all parts, which we can dismantling and packed by category in bulk.
    Any other questions, pls feel free to contact us, we have rich experience in truck business as the international sales and process.


    From the pictures below you will fine nearly all the wrecker body parts, and the parts list.

    wrecker truck for sale from china

    wrecker truck chassis for sale from china

    No.Parts Name & ListSet/Pcs
    1Flat board1
    2Tail board1
    3Secondary beam/support arm1
    4Secondary beam slider and screw1
    5Secondary beam rotating plate/ Reinforcement plate1
    6Gear pump power take-off1
    7Balance valve / bracket1
    8Flat telescopic cylinder / cylinder block1
    9Flat lift cylinder / upper ear plate / lower cylinder block1
    10Flat lift cylinder upper ear plate1
    11Flat lift cylinder lower cylinder block1
    12Drag chain/box1
    13Hydraulic tank / bracket1
    14Hydraulic cylinder/hose1
    15Multi-way valve, pipe, joint1
    16Operating valves and shelves, rods, split pins, forks2
    17Operating handle / sleeve / head10
    18Hand valve connector, air pipe, single gear switch4
    20L-shaped fork/ bracket2
    21Rotating cylinder2
    22Rear arm inner tube / outer tube / mounting copper sleeve1
    23Rolling/cover/wire rope strap hook1
    26Top cab alarm1
    28Pulley plate bracket3
    29Spare frame, cover1
    30Gantry LED light (red)2
    31Gantry LED light (white)2
    32Gantry LED light (yellow)2
    33Side light cover2
    34Gantry spotlight2
    35Pallet side light LED8
    36Tail light stand2
    39Mud and bead2
    41Chassis wire, seven core wire, two core wire1
    42Accessories (pulley seat, pulley, pulley pin,

    cotter pin, wear wheel, wear wheel pin, circlip, baffle, cable tie)

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