Успех дела

» Успех дела

Преуспеть случаи пакетных грузовиков для заморского рынка


3 units solar plate washing vehicles for Ukraine

Chengli Solar Cleaning vehicle represents the high-end manufacturing industry of China’s special-purpose vehicles. The first batch of model vehicles are sent to the country of Ukraine from the “the Belt and Road”.

5 units sludge mud transport truck

Cheng Li standardized intelligent multi-functional municipal dredging vehicles are popular in the market. 5 units of such mud transport trucks to Africa.

4 единицы 100 tons howo crane truck for africa

Chengli large-scale(100 тонны) full-hydraulic truck-mounted crane realizes artificial intelligent operation. It is the main force in low-space tunnels, bridges and docks. The products sell well in domestic and foreign high-end markets and are favored by customers in Europe, America, Middle East and other countries and regions.

8 units ambulance vehicles for Myanmar

The Chengli boutique ambulance is famous for its popularity. Exported to Myanmar.

4 units recreational vehicle - RV for export

Chengli’s multi-dimensional residential vehicle is regarded as the most beautiful mobile villa by young consumers. Exported to South America.

60 units truck with crane for Djibouti country

Chengli’s multi-purpose truck-mounted cranes are firmly in the leading position in China. Heavy truck Howo cranes to Kazakhstan.

1500 units refrigerated trucks for domestic market

Chengli classic рефрижератор series products, stable performance, safety, good quality, excellent manufacturing technology, and users are well-known.

1500 units refrigerated trucks for domestic market

At the end of August, a large domestic customer smashed a super large order, and ordered 1,500 Chengli рефрижераторs to shake the industry at one time. The first batch of 200 vehicles had been delivered to the inspection and delivery vehicle.

35 units LED trucks to africa

35 units LED advertising trucks to Kenya.

More succeed cases for many styles vehicles we can not show all here, if there are any you like, just write to us freely. sales@cl-spv.com we will контакт you at the first time. thank you.

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