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Faw heavy duty tow truck

Faw 12 tonnellate carro attrezzi pesanti per il bus

6 units heavy duty towing truck for Yutong company, made by chengli wrecker factory. FAW Chassis, 240 hp engine, BUS dedicated 12 tons rear tow arm. 1, equipped with 240 hp six-cylinder engine, strong power; 2, row semi-luxury body, 5 tons of front axle, 10 tons of rear axle, 1000 wire tires, Shaanxi tooth small eight-speed transmission. 3, 12 tonnellate …

FAW camion demolitore per 2 macchine

FAW camion demolitore per 2 macchine

FAW camion demolitore per 2 macchine, FAW wrecker truck factory, fabbricante, fornitore… China FAW truck, FAW truck chassis, Faw wrecker truck, Faw rescue truck, Faw road rescue vehicle, Faw high way tow truckFaw wrecker truck, china high standard wrecker truck manufacturer. For more wrecker truck, you can visit our website or contact us to know the details.    

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