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  • Cheng Li helps 2018 Yandi Shennong Festival

    2018SuizhouChengli Bulk Sanitation Cars helped “2018 World Chinese Root-seeking Festival” to clean the sanitation and add glory to the capital of China’s auto industry. Professor of Suizhou University of Peking University, Zhang Jun, a special guest of the World Chinese Root-seeking Festival in 2018, visited the local hometown of Yan Di, who had attracted more than one billion yuan from

  • Today, on June 9th, 2018, tens of thousands of Chinese descendants came from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and from all over the world to Suizhou! Chiang Kai-shek’s grandson Jiang Xiaoyan, Zhang Zhizhong’s daughter Zhang Sujiu and other guests will attend this morning Yandi Shennong Baizu ceremony, CCTV 4 sets, People’s Network live broadcast. A family of

  • chengli dongfeng food catering truck

    Recently, special military vehicles for logistics support for military products of Cheng Li have received large orders from international buyers to go abroad to provide reliable protection for the cause of world peace. Cheng Liren, with hiscraftsmanship spirit, strives for perfection,” has provided strong strategic support, logistics, and supply security for the defense of the motherland for more than

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