40 T off road water truck
  • 40 cbm off road water truck
  • howo 40 T off road water truck
  • 40 cbm water tanker for mining
  • 40 T off road water tanker
  • Howo 40 T off road water truck

    1. Brand: HOWO

    2. Capacity: 40T

    3. Engine power: 371HP

    4. Kerb Weight: 16 T

    5. Drive: 6x4

    • Specifications

    40 T off road water truck

    40 T off road water truck, 30-40-45 cbm heavy duty water tanker truck for sale, all wheel drive big capaity water trucks supplier & factory from China.

    40 cbm off road water truck

    40T mining off-road water truck
    1. Inheriting all the excellent performance of the mature chassis for TL series off-road wide body dump truck, it is more suitable for the road maintenance work in mines.
    2. It has made great improvements on the water truck in terms of water storage capacity, watering width, density and continued mileage to meet the special requirements of off-road work conditions.

    howo 40 T off road water truck

    Drive mode6×4
    Max. loading capacity40000kg
    Total kerb weight16000kg
    Tank volume40m3
    Engine power276Kw(375Ps/2200rpm)
    Watering width≥14m
    Watering volume0.45-1L/m³
    Range of water gun≥25m
    Watering distance≥5km(limited conditions)

    The vehicle is based on the traditional sprinkler, in view of poor road conditions, poor operating environment of the mine terrain, to carry out the development and modification. The car is particularly used in China heavy duty truck 371 horsepower 6×4 mine bully two types of chassis, in addition to sprinkler, water spray, flushing, water transport and drainage and other basic functions, but also added a full range of rotating high-pressure fort water gun, aerosol dust removal, dust and other special functions, especially suitable for dusty mining areas.

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