FAW refrigerated truck
  • FAW 8x4 refrigerator truck
  • FAW 8x4 refrigerator truck for fresh food
  • FAW 8x4 refrigerator truck for meat
  • FAW freezer truck
  • China FAW 8x4 refrigerator truck
  • FAW 8x4 refrigerated truck
  • FAW refrigerator truck
  • FAW 8×4 refrigerated truck

    1. Brand: FAW

    2. Drive: 8x4/LHD

    3. Size: 12000×2600×3995

    4. GVW: 32000KGS

    5. FAW 8x4 refrigerated truck

    • Specifications

    FAW refrigerated truck

    FAW 8×4 refrigerated truck. FAW, a famouse truck brand in China. We are the biggest special vehicles manufacturer in China, which named Chengli Group. We have a specilized factory mainly make refrigerated trucks for the transport of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat,…

    FAW freezer truck

    The whole size is 12000×2600×3995mm and the box size is 9400×2430×2480mm.

    FAW 8x4 refrigerator truck for fresh food

    The inner design of the box can be customized to load any materials like a specialized hook & frame for the fresh pork meat…And the same we can have any tempreture design from – 20 to up + 20.

    FAW 8x4 refrigerated truck

    FAW JH6, new model series refrigerated trucks. The new and more better driving testing experience.



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