Dongfeng 5000 liters road sweeper truck
  • Dongfeng 5000 liters road sweeper vehicle
  • Dongfeng road sweeper truck
  • China road sweeper truck
  • inner view of China road sweeper truck
  • China road sweeper truck supplier
  • China road sweeper truck manufacturer
  • Dongfeng 5000 liters road sweeper truck

    1. Model: CLW5110TXSD3

    2. GVW: 11450kg

    3. Engine: 120HP

    4. Garbage box: 5000 liters

    5. Water tank: 2000 liters

    6. Usage: road / street sweeping & suction & washing

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    Dongfeng 5000 liters road sweeper truck

    Dongfeng 5000 liters compactor garbage truck, from chengli road and washer truck factory, which only make the road sweeper truck in chengli auto group.

    Dongfeng 5000 liters road sweeper vehicle

    CLW5110TXSD3, Dolica Washer, Jiangling 64KW booster, 5 stainless steel water tank, 5 stainless steel dust box, Luoyang Beishuang fan, German high pressure float pump, Taiwan hydraulic valve, with reversing, lifting, maintenance protection, Motion controller with one-touch computer control.

    Dongfeng road sweeper truck

    Chassis configuration:

    Dongfeng D6 Little Dolika Chassis, single row of white forward turnable cab, optional Chaochai 102 hp, Yuchai 115 hp five-diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox, wheelbase 3308mm, 3.5 ton rear axle, 7.00 Steel wire tires, air brake, with original ABS, power steering, air conditioning.

    China road sweeper truck

    Top-loading configuration:

    Central 4 squeegee, rear suction cup, Sanyo motor, Jiangling Isuzu sub engine, Schneider control switch, Hipross solenoid valve, stepless automatic clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal fan, stainless steel dustbin, Polaris electronic water pump, Rubbish bin lifting, tail LED arrow lights, hand pump emergency system. It can be equipped with front flushing, dustbin self-cleaning, reversing image operation monitoring, front snow shoveling and snow sweeping.

    inner view of China road sweeper truck

    Inner picture of dongfeng sweeper truck, full stainless steel garbage box.

    China road sweeper truck supplier

    Rear spray pipe line system for the dust control after the sweeping work.

    China road sweeper truck manufacturer

    Front flush function equipped on the sweeper.

    For this road sweeper truck, you can choose other brand like: foton road sweeper truck, isuzu road sweeper truck, jac road sweeper truck, faw road sweeper truck, howo road sweeper truck… all chinese brand in the market.

    For more about the chassis parameter or the details about this Dongfeng 5000 liters road sweeper truck, pls contact us freely. 0086-188 72992009 sales@cl-spv.com


    Dongfeng duolika road sweeper truck



    156 horsepower engine, 7.50R16 wire Tire, 3800 wheelbase, 2.5 square water tank, 5 square garbage bin, cleaning width 3 meters, medium 4 sweep disk, Isuzu 77 horsepower auxiliary engine, Sanyo Motor, Schneider control switch, Hypris solenoid valve Group, Xiamen South Super Separation Clutch, maintenance-free centrifugal fan, Stainless Steel trash bins, garbage bins lift dump, tail LED arrow lights, Northern Industrial electronic water pump.

    Dongfeng road sweeper truck
    Can be added forward punch, back sprinkle, anti-aircraft gun, fog cannon, Snow shovel, garbage bin self-cleaning.

    DFAC road sweeper truckDongfeng road sweeper VEHICLEDFAC duolika road sweeper truckDongfeng duolika road sweeper truck









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