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2 units dongfeng 6000 liters kitchen garbage truck to the north of China


dongfeng 6000 liters kitchen garbage vehicle

2 units dongfeng 6000 liters kitchen garbage truck to the north of China

6000 liters kitchen garbage truck

Dongfeng 3800mm wheelbase, 120 horse power,  duolika cab, full wire tires, 6000 liters tank capacity.

dongfeng kitchen garbage vehicle

The tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel with solid-liquid separation function (full push plate, stainless steel water separation mesh plate), heating function inside the tank (for cold zone to prevent freezing and solidification of food waste in the tank, heating by diesel burner, heating speed) Fast effect, high temperature and low temperature can be set to realize automatic temperature control) Full hydraulic operating system, convenient operation for workers, tank lift and self-unloading, pull rod type bucket hoist, can hang 120/240 liter trash can, hydraulic drive on back cover Open and lock.

self loading bucket garbage truck

2 units side self loading garbage truck

dongfeng garbage truck with side self loading function

For more about such garbage trucks, pls contact us freely via email or wechat or whatsapp.

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